Package 1: Drinks Reception:

The photos are traditionally right after the ceremony. This is a great time to entertain your guests as they relax into tthe day and no better way than a drink and some close up magic to kick the evening off on a lively note.

Prices available on request

Package 2: Round Table Close up magic

Steve can entertain your guests as they settle down for their dinner, a great icebreaker and conversation starter for everyone around the tables which will have them talking and interacting with each other until the early hours.

Prices available on request

Package 3: 50 minute stage Performance

Steve can bring a touch of theatre to your big day with a stage magic show to include a mix of mentlism, hypnosis and comedy. With a duration of 50 minutes, Steve will leave your guests amazed and in tears of laughter. The only worry is he will be a tough act for any best man to follow.

Prices available on request.

Package 4: Late night close up magic.

Speeches are long finished and the wine has flowed numerous times around the tables. Your guests begin to arrive for the afters and this is the perfect opportunity to have Steve present to absolutely mesmerise everyone with some close up magic before the band starts and your guests get their groove on.

Prices available on request